4th Week: Trip to Colonel Oviedo ~Part 2~


Date: July 15th, 2016

The foundation of Mitai Mitakunai has recently launched a fundraising project through the Crowd Funding website, which you can check out at: Crowd Funding

The donation will be used for the construction of a new classroom in an elementary school located in Mercedes district.





On 15th of July, I visited the school to observe the progress in the construction and interviewed the director. According to her, the school currently hosts 74 students in total from pre-school to 6th grade. During the interview, the director mentioned some issues that the school has and that she hopes will be solved.

Such as…

  • An issue of termite


  • More uniforms for students
  • A classroom and an instructor for computer class


The new classroom


Inside 1


Inside 2

IMG_1188 (1)

Another Classroom

The director has always been concerned about health of her students, especially in terms of nutrition and eating habits. She said that the majority of children in the community do not have a habit of eating in a way that is nutritionally balanced. Given this problem, the director wants to build a small garden within the school, whereby planting their own vegetables and teaching her students how to eat balanced diets. Additionally, she believes that the construction of the school-owned garden will help many households because they will not have to buy vegetables from the market.


Another issue is that livestock, such as cows and pigs, occasionally come into the school. Given this, the director wants to build a fence to enclose the school.



The director repeatedly emphasized that the support from the government is crucial for the improvement of the condition of the school. However, the government has done only a little for the school. She believes there are two main reasons for the government’s indifference to her school. First of all, the government requires the school to present necessary documents. They are expensive and need to be typed, and there are many of them. Another reason is that the government simply is indifferent to the improvement of the school and the provision of all the necessities. The director constantly emphasized and strongly believes that if Dr. Yoko negotiates with the Ministry of Education on behalf of the school, the government will provide all the supports for the school because Japanese people are respected in the country.

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